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What are your set texts?

Tabitha Farrant

Online search engine is the best way to revise for English Lit.
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Imogen Hunter

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Alvina Ash

START REVISING LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made a booklet for Hamlet with feminist reading blah blah.. , what texts are u studying?

nub aaa

othello and great expectations

Aaliya Kair

Othello and Great Expectations

Aaliya Kair

Have you used the Revision notes on Othello on S-cool -

Tabitha Farrant

yep,I got it..thnks

Aaliya Kair
By Ahmed Abdulkarim

Try here. The Topic which contain what you need is:
The part of that topic that introduces electromagnetism is here
but I would read it from the start to make sure it all makes sense.

Tabitha Farrant

Describe in detail please.


Hi there - have a look here. You may need more to get 6 marks

Tabitha Farrant

A agentic state is a state in america xddd

Ben Bobo

mahe jaya

Please wat is the dimension of momentum in physics

siasia amabebelakumo

Momentum = Mass x Velocity

Mass is in kg

Velocity is in m/s

So Momentum is in kg m/s

Tabitha Farrant

Now I know my results aren't the best and I could do better. that's why I'm here.


Have a look at these videos on S-cool's YouTube channel. They offer tips for how to organise yourself and get yourself in the right mental state to optimise your revision.
Also, in the next S-cool newsletter we will be putting registered users in touch with a Memory Coach - follow the link in the email (planned for 22nd Feb) to see if it is something that will help you.
Hope that helps

Tabitha Farrant

Nteboheng Fotho

Tabitha Farrant

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