What are your set texts?

Tabitha Farrant

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Imogen Hunter

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Alvina Ash

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Kritika Joy

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rose sandra

Lors de la sélection d'un lieu de mariage lieu, l'emplacement, l'emplacement n'est pas le facteur le plus important absolue. Certes, la robe mariage a une certaine importance, mais la taille et l'atmosphère sont tout à fait peut-être plus important. http://www.robespourmariage.fr/robe-demoiselle-d-honneur-c1/

Saliciade Gwendolyn

START REVISING LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made a booklet for Hamlet with feminist reading blah blah.. , what texts are u studying?

nub aaa

othello and great expectations

Aaliya Kair

Othello and Great Expectations

Aaliya Kair

Have you used the Revision notes on Othello on S-cool - http://s-cool.co.uk/a-level/english-literature/othello

Tabitha Farrant

yep,I got it..thnks

Aaliya Kair

basic structure to follow if your looking for a hand

Mr Dub

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Tina M.

I study both Death of a Salesman and the Great Gatsby and neither are on there, so I was just won


Hi Taura. We are keen to know what novels will be most popular so that when we update they will satisfy as many people as possible. However, we are not going to be updating either of those novels in the next few months. Sorry - but I will add your votes to the list going forward.
The S-cool team

Tabitha Farrant

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Lori Hicks

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theres erbax

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Josh Brownell

I have two poems (Seamus Heaney Mid-Term Break and Night Drive), one with 4 stanzas containing 4


You can (obviously) talk about the different lengths of the poems, compare the stanza sizes and maybe even the impact of the 1 liner at the end of the second poem. Also, there may be a difference in rhythm/pace, which could be impacted by the structure of the two poems. It's quite difficult to give an answer without actually seeing the poems, but based off what you have said that is what I would put.

Amber Stones

Poetry is thought to be sublime and often difficult to understand. The basic building-block of prose (writing that isn't poetry) is the sentence. But poetry has something else ,the poetic line. Sound of poem and speech of reading are very important things in poem.

Mariya Philip

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Maura Clark

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Juan E
By Kinga Daciuk

Need Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen revision for our A-Level class. Can anyone help? Thank you.

Courtney Murron Snape

yea i guess Y

Nabil Alsayed

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Tania Putri

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