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Positive Reason - pronounce the 's' e.g. j'en veux pluS (I want more)
Negative reason - the 's' is silent e.g. j'en veux plus (I don't want any more)
To know whether a final letter should be pronounced or not, think about the CaReFuL rule. If a French word ends in C, R, F or L (the letters in CaReFuL), the final letter is pronounced.

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Writing a french essay is not a difficult task if you know the subject well. Make a thorough research on the topic and elaborate it. Or else seek professional writers help to complete your work.

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sure i can do it so tell me what exactly is troubling you and i will help you.
give me a topic you think that if it come in your exams it will be a trouble to you

kiks claud

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By Adetoun alao

I'm really struggling, any tips on how to practice for speaking and listening's for my


i practice with CDs from different learning books such as TRICOLOURE..thanks Juliette for the reference will try that too.

Tarisai Madzorera

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i am going to get a french speaking test soon,
i just want you to give tips of what i should include in order to get a higher grade. The subject is party.


If you're doing A-level french, then including at least 4 to 5 tenses including the subjunctive will help you get higher marks. Additionally, try to provide reasons as to why you like something. Complex sentence structures, idioms, and a proper pronunciation will also help!

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By Amber Ainsley

how do you say hello in French?


au revoir

Mia Walton

In French:

Hello: Bonjour

Hi: Salut

Good morning: Bon matin

Good evening: Bon soir

Good night: Bonne nuit

Just for your information


Quell est votre nom? What is your name?
Mon nom est Lowly. My name is Lowly.
J'mappelle Lowly. I am called Lowly

Lowly Hwengwere

I am currently studying french at as level via home study and am looking for a kind of long distance friend to exchange emails with about the course and just have someone to help out with as i dont know many people who actually enjoy the french language whereas i love it, the culture, the music! I also find teaching/helping someone with the language aids me in general practice.
On another note if anyone is studying french as level and would be kind enough to send me a copy of their schedule that would be most helpful as i would like the compare my schedule with that of a college/sixth form to make sure my AQA syllabus is on point!
So please comment below if you are interested in an email exchange type friendship and you are currently studying french or if you have a schedule/syllabus example to share then please also comment below and i will provide my email :)


Hi Ana! I am currently studying French and German at As level and I would like to help you. I can send you our lesson plan with which topics we study and when if you still need it.
I'm very lucky because my sixth form was a language college so I would be happy to talk to you about the course :)

Kate Smith

I studied french at as, although I dropped it at a2, which I'm studying now, so I'd be more than happy to help!

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I am currently in my first year of studying French at A Level though i am actually in Home Schooling/Home Study (this is my first time being home schooled properly). I have literally just come across this website and all the material on it is really great for revision, along with my online homeschooling program and tutor, though my question is; if you have experienced studying a language at A Level and with the Home Study method, how did you find it, did you find the online material useful and how did you do/are you doing with studying a language with only a tutor to help?

Also if anyone has french as their first or second language and would like to exchange emails or something to help perfect writing skills and exchange tips etc then let me know :)

merci tout!


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