Bart Simpson

Can someone please tell me all i need to know about Decision Making in Business Studies

Tabitha Farrant

Here's an interesting snapshot for testing the waters with at least a working prototype before committing to a path which I found while researching into the same for . The Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) now teaches a process referred to as "Fail Fast" or words to that effect. They also use a small-parallel-team approach cited as "Rapid Prototyping" to generate working prototypes that feed into the Fail Fast process. Parallel small hands-on idea teams apply "try it-learn it-do it-buy it-drop it," then snapshot, rinse, and repeat so long as outcomes indicate is useful. But to avoid a perpetual motion machine headed into its own sunset, the key to the deal is to know the process is real, a decision will be made, and the searching array of ideas is both expected, respected, and followed either by informed prototype action or by an informed alternative path.

Olive Grey