Hi .. i wanna get at least an A in biology so what shall i do in in order to get an A in a level biology?

Arshad Ali

I am in my first year of A-levels but my cousins who are already in university recommended me to make revision timetables and make notes effectively and learn to answer questions by doing more exam papers. Although these are all important steps, one thing you HAVE to do at A-levels is that you have to revise CONSTANTLY. Everyday, take your time to revise. It's all about remembering things and memorising what you've learnt because A-level is a very hefty piece of work. Wayy more work than GCSE, as you may have noticed. So learning to remembering things is key.
Always re-visit your past notes and keep going over it. Even after you've memorised it, keep re-visiting it because thats how you make your memory stronger.
Also learn to make notes effectively. Do mind maps, arrange all your work in folders. Do past papers and most importantly, keep working hard. A-level Biology is difficult, but if you work hard on a daily basis, I'm sure you'll succeed. Today's pain is tomorrow's gain, after all. I hope this helped, I'm in my first year of A-levels and I'm doing everything I've said in this comment. Hopefully we'll both do well, good luck!

Millend Rai

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vinod kumar