eliecia atkinson

I have just started psychology and we are learning about perspectives, theories and behaviour. I would have like to have seen a specific section for perspectives or an introductory section to start out with.
I have two questions:
1. What is the difference between a ‘common sense’ explanation and a scientific explanation of behaviour?
2.What specific aspects of behaviour are psychologists as opposed to sociologists, interested in?
I am struggling to understand the first question and cant find the answer at all.
the second questions would help me out too

Hi Eliecia,
1. "Common sense" is our intuitive thinking. The way we would guess or think how things might work. Scientific explanation of behaviour, is the logical analysis of behaviour and is often supported by experiment or experience.
2. Psychologists is the study of a single persons mid. As opposed to sociology, which is the study of how groups of people (Teams, familes, nations etc) act as a group.
Hope that helps :)

Tabitha Farrant