Describe in detail please.


Hi there - have a look here. You may need more to get 6 marks

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A agentic state is a state in america xddd

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Please wat is the dimension of momentum in physics

siasia amabebelakumo

Momentum = Mass x Velocity

Mass is in kg

Velocity is in m/s

So Momentum is in kg m/s

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By Marianne Massamba

characteristics of short-term and long- term memory


Long-term memory is our brain's system for storing, managing, and retrieving information. Closely related to "working" memory, short-term memory is the very short time that you keep something in mind before either dismissing it or transferring it to long-term memory.

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This is better covered here including short and long-term memory:
Characteristics usually involve the encoding, duration and storage of memory.

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capacity : STM = 7 +-2 items LTM = limitless
duration : 18 seconds LTM = lifetime
encoding: Acoustically LTM = semantically

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By eliecia atkinson



Hi Eliecia,
1. "Common sense" is our intuitive thinking. The way we would guess or think how things might work. Scientific explanation of behaviour, is the logical analysis of behaviour and is often supported by experiment or experience.
2. Psychologists is the study of a single persons mid. As opposed to sociology, which is the study of how groups of people (Teams, familes, nations etc) act as a group.
Hope that helps :)

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how can i answer this question for 8 marks?


talk about school phobia and what that has showed
i'm not sure what else you could about though

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In terms of behavioral factors , you could write - how punishements and negative reinforcements , has a damaging effect on the childs long term educational life , hence this causes the child to start disliking school or a particular subject or teacher
A similar situation applies when the child is bullied at school , where the child associated bullies = school and prevents going to school

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By Rebecca Bott

Just ding revision for a level psychology on research methods and on the multiple quiz part it just comes up with access denied? anyone know why this could be or if there's any way round it?


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