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The main Organ of gas exchange for human is lugs and the place in the lungs in which the gas exchange takes place is the Alveolus.
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many say silica particles are designed for applications requiring monodisperse inorganic spheres,


Well silica particles are also used in cutting, grinding, drilling, sanding, mixing, or demolishing materials containing silica. And there is a major risk factor with too according to blogs articles. Tiny one's can be inhaled into lungs in construction industry. It hampers health.

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By Ronae Patterson

C6H1206+6O2->6CO2+6H2O (Glucose and oxygen make carbon dioxide and water.) The glucose comes from food or photosynthesis in plants and the oxygen from the air. The carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere when we breathe out and the water is used in cells or released.

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