First of all in accordance with you should write about the language, form, content, and readers' perception. I like the phrase that comparative essay is similar to "multi-layered sandwich" and I suggest googling a picture of that structure because unfortunately I do not see how to add it here.

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stuart board

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Bruce Mason is the writer of the play, right? I saw a sample on and Studymode. This is a play, that's why, there's a need to be careful about the structure of the essay. The literature essay includes not only your arguments, facts, but you should also talk about the style of the narration, the author's mode of speaking, the stylistic devices the author used to express this or that.

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I need to compare two poems, 'Cleopatra' by Shakespeare and 'In Mrs Tilscher'


Women from Cleopatra: violence, perverseness, egotism, and caprice, Cleopatra mingled a capability for warm affections and kindly feeling, or rather what we should call, in these days, a constitutional good-nature; and was lavishly generous to her favourites and dependants.
Women from mrs tilscher's class': Imaturiy--- The poem is about rites of passage, the transition (move or change) from childhood to adolescence and the things we learn at school, from our teachers and from our peers.
for full details please refer to these links hope they're helpful:

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what is the difference between approximation and estimation

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