I wanna an analysis on the drama


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By Aaliya Kair

Cn u pls tell me...in Act3.3 line no 380 about whose reputation had been mentioned here?


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Talk about the language and structure of the poem. Mention the tone/mood of the poem, and why they used it. And also say if it seems like a memory like in Cold Knap Lake and how you know for example, varied stanza lengths make it seem like a fragmented memory. Also talk about the kind of language they use metaphors, imagery, similes, senses etc. http://www.essaybliss.co.uk/

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At school we are learning about the key scenes on Romeo and Juliet and I couldnt find any revisio


Sorry - We do not have a summary of that. We are always looking to increase the content here so I will see that this makes it into the suggestion for new content.

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Difficult to know if you don't know the book, but I guess you will be looking for the language that they use - is it modern / old fashioned / futuristic? How do people behave and how do they treat one another - what is their expectation of how others may behave? Then there will be the imagery and context. What do they describe about the people and the places - do they relate to a particular place and time in history, or are they neutral. All these things and more will give the person reading the book signal about what the time and place is that the book is set in.
Hope that helps.

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I need to compare two poems, 'Cleopatra' by Shakespeare and 'In Mrs Tilscher'


Women from Cleopatra: violence, perverseness, egotism, and caprice, Cleopatra mingled a capability for warm affections and kindly feeling, or rather what we should call, in these days, a constitutional good-nature; and was lavishly generous to her favourites and dependants.
Women from mrs tilscher's class': Imaturiy--- The poem is about rites of passage, the transition (move or change) from childhood to adolescence and the things we learn at school, from our teachers and from our peers.
for full details please refer to these links hope they're helpful:

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Thank you very much

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