community groups being set up to offer emotional support
flood defence scheme- meaning improving flood defences

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River was made deeper and wider to let more water through
The surrounding area and car park were raised
A bridge and other buildings were replaced - I assume that the design and construction were specifically to chosen in the light of this potentially happening again.
More stations where water flow was measured were set up

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Deforestation is a destruction to the environment. If there are no forest :
- There will be no oxygen to breathe.
- A drastic change in climate.
- Animals who are dependent on the forest, trees will come no longer survive or probably come out of the forest and enter the human territory.

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Headlands and Bays form when a soft rock (e.g:Clay) is surrounded by a hard rock ( e.g: chalk). Processes such as abrasion occur and the soft rock will get worn away a lot quicker than the harder rock. Then the hard rock sticks out and this is a headland. The bay is attacked by weaker waves as the water is shallower, and eventually the harder rock will wear down and the process will begin again.

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Give reasons why Ecosystems are systems in equilibrium.

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use india or china, these two countries are essential to the development of other countries while these countries are very ill developed. if they were not centres for global trade they would still be third world

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