how can i revise so hat i remember everything and know it in and out


Janat Sheikh

try making up things that help you remember, and just keep revising! it gets tedious, but just stick at it!

ApolloRobot KineticNexus

figure out the best way you learn. it could be rewriting it over again or even mindmapping it

Riana Ladwa

Lara Mendez
By ApolloRobot Kin...

Doesn't S-cool have a section on the economics bit that is in the GCSE book?


use india or china, these two countries are essential to the development of other countries while these countries are very ill developed. if they were not centres for global trade they would still be third world

alex G
By Fitrus Ali

I guess by incorporating ecotourism as well as cultural and historical tourism
Personally I think we should try to make tourists as well as those in tourism industry more aware of damage they can do. Probably this can easily be achieved with tourists (still not everyone is ready to spend two days in a wild), but I'm not so sure about tourism industry since many do benefit from building hotels, resorts, and other tourist attractions. Probably they should make them eco friendly.

Walter Gaffney

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