How do you know the state an element at a certain temeperture?

Niamh O'Sullivan

e.g. the melting point of hydrogen sulphide Is -85 degrees and its boiling point is -61 degrees. What is its state at 25 degrees?

Anything below its melting point is a solid.
Anything above its melting point and below its boiling point is a liquid
Anything above it boiling point is a gas
25 degrees is above the boiling point (which is -61 degrees)
So this must be a.........

Tabitha Farrant

Elements can be confidential based on bodily states, often referred to as the collective state of an constituent or the states of substance. At room temperature and force the bodily States, or states of substance, are solids, gases or liquids and these are referred to as the 3 states of substance. There are, in information, 4 states of substance - the fourth state of material is plasma.

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