My homework question says 'how does the writer create a strong sence of time and place?' how do i answer that, i dont understand the question!!

Alisha Rauf

Difficult to know if you don't know the book, but I guess you will be looking for the language that they use - is it modern / old fashioned / futuristic? How do people behave and how do they treat one another - what is their expectation of how others may behave? Then there will be the imagery and context. What do they describe about the people and the places - do they relate to a particular place and time in history, or are they neutral. All these things and more will give the person reading the book signal about what the time and place is that the book is set in.
Hope that helps.

Tabitha Farrant

It's connected with things and words people say. For example, you can not use smartphone if action in story is in 1912 year. Or you don't feed your characters potatoes if they live in 1200 year in Europe. Details make story real and historically accurate. If you are talking about <a href="">sms spy</a> technology in detective story it should happen when sms are already around.

Sandra Cool
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Bran Dy

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