By Ahmed Abdulkarim

Try here. The Topic which contain what you need is:
The part of that topic that introduces electromagnetism is here
but I would read it from the start to make sure it all makes sense.

Tabitha Farrant
By fostina chiko

2×10^-6metres . question 2:how many nanoseconds are there in 1.00year


Do you mean
Milli (m) - 1/1000
kilo (k) = 1,000,
Mega (M), = 1,000,000
Look here
The answer to this one is on there - but ask again if you can't work it out.

Tabitha Farrant

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Watts are a measure of joules per second. So you can tell how much energy is received in one second from each square metre of panel.
Then you can work out the total energy received per second
You can then work out how much is received in 2 hours

Tabitha Farrant

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Maxima are where the waves overlap to create a larger wave. Minima are where they overlap to reduce or cancel each other out.

Tabitha Farrant

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Marco Murray

The wheels lock and the friction between them and the road is constant for most of the time


When all forces are equal an object is either stationary or moving at a constant speed. Although the car is moving, there is an equal amount of force pushing it backwards there is just a constant force moving it forward. The moment that you apply the breaks, the force pushing the car back exceeds the one pushing forward causing the car to slow rapidly, however this force eventually decreases to equal it's opposite as the backwards force is the friction caused by the opposing movement - therefore it will eventually equal the opposite reaction.

Orlagh Simpson

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