By David Bojangles

Probably to prevent students from having too much fun - and subsequently boring everyone by saying "school years are the best years of your lives".

Tabitha Farrant
By Emily Sampson

Calcium oxide, CaO, is a base compound which can react with acids such as nitric acid, HNO3.



Alf Percival

No I will have you know its 13

James Long

Oh, why not to ask here ? You'll be one hundred percent sure the answer is right. I am afraid to put it across but looks like the answer is the following: (1.5 g CaO) / (56.0774 g CaO/mol) = 0.027 mol CaO.

Mary Collins
By darcey miller

this question is about reactions of calcium compounds.


I am also struggling to solve these type of questions. At my school age, I am really confused about these equations and I failed to get the correct answer. I have downloaded the materials at and I got cleared all my doubts.

Marco Murray

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