By Tabitha Farrant

Here is a helpful article that explains Dyslexia and points to places to get help.


Its when your brain is like alphabetic spaghetti and it gets jumbled up


Dyslexia, or developmental reading disorder,[1] is characterized by difficulty with learning to read fluently and with accurate comprehension despite normal or above-average intelligence.[2][3][4] This includes difficulty with phonological awareness, phonological decoding, processing speed, orthographic coding, auditory short-term memory, language skills/verbal comprehension, and/or rapid naming.[5][6][7]

Dyslexia is the most common learning difficulty[8] and most recognized reading disorder. There are other reading difficulties that are unrelated to dyslexia.

Some see dyslexia as distinct from reading difficulties resulting from other causes, such as a non-neurological deficiency with vision or hearing, or poor or inadequate reading instruction.[9][10] There are three proposed cognitive subtypes of dyslexia (auditory, visual and attentional), although individual cases of dyslexia are better explained by specific underlying neuropsychological deficits and co-occurring learning difficulties(e.g. an auditory processing disorder, an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a visual processing disorder) and co-occurring learning difficulties (e.g. dyscalculia and dysgraphia).[11][12][13][14][15][16] Although it is considered to be a receptive language-based learning disability in the research literature, dyslexia also affects one's expressive language skills.[17] Researchers at MIT found that people with dyslexia exhibited impaired voice-recognition abilities.[18] Interestingly, a study published online (and in the July issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics), reported a genetic origin to the disorder, and other learning disabilities, that could help lead to earlier diagnoses and more successful interventions.[19]


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