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By Heather Mason

i get really worried when i consider going to university, i don't was to leave my dog, rabbits and guinea pigs. My parents would look after them but i don't think that i will be able to cope not seeing them. I hate leaving them for a week or two when i go on holiday, let alone leaving them for months on end when i go to university! should i let this stop me ? what should i do?

By Tabitha Farrant

Hi all,

Is it worth doing a gap year? I read this article, but I still don't know if it is a good idea.



it honestly depends on your situation. If taking a gap year can be avoided it should be. Especially because a lot of universities downgrade students taking gap years.


Universitys won't judge you on whether or not you take a gap year. A gap year is most ideal now before you go to university whilst you don't have many comitments and whilst you have the time to experience new things and new places. I think a gap year is a brilliant idea as long as you have something you want to see or do not if your just going to sit at home all day for a year it needs to be planned and organised.


Hey, this may sound stupid, but I'm just wondering- what even is a GAP year?


According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gap_year , Gap year is also known as a sabbatical, time off, time out and a year out, referring to a period of time (not necessarily 12 months) in which people disengage from curricular education and/or work and undertake activities such as traveling, volunteering or working abroad.

Some people don't like to take gap year because they are afraid that they will be left behind. However, according to professional advisers is not really that bad. In gap year, there are lots of opportunities that may come in your way. If you think that you need a time off from school then why not uncover opportunities of taking gap year.

I hope that helps.


I would personally not do a gap year because I just want to finish my education as soon as possible and enjoy my life :p

Shana Noris
By Anonymous

Hey peeps im reli in 2 minds about taking a gap year anyone have any advice ?? I really wanna go travelling the world but don't want it to affect my learning as I could forgot a lot in a year lol thx in advance xxx


Hi Danni, here is a link to our bridging the gap article http://www.s-cool.co.uk/articles/bridging-the-gap I believe this will answer a lot of your questions.

Good luck

The s-cool team

Tabitha Farrant

Well if you are worried about forgetting everything, you could always revise your a-level subjects for a bit every day and do things in that year which are related to the degree you want to do.
Also, if you are taking a gap year it would be best to do something related to the uni degree you want to take when you get back. The department of education website could help you and also this article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/hubs/gapyear/8709651/Gap-year-dilemma-... Use this article and put yourself in theri postiions and think about what would be best fro you and your future and if its worth it etc. Hope that made it easier!


I want to apply for uni but finding really hard to write a personal statements anyone have any advice ? Would be much appreciated :)


Okay not needing to apply for uni yet but my school overloaded on that already so Im all good. First of all mention your names, DOB, address, number etc and then start on qualifications. You may want to start with your highest qualifications first then go down to the lowest or the other way around or put them in alphabetical order. Put in your hobbies too but dont put something regular like running or football; find something interesting to do and then you wont be lying. Add in other things as necessary according to what degree you want to do and in what uni too. : ) Hope that helps!
P.S. ask your careers advisor, teacher or parents too They should know more especially the first two


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