Is IGCSE Psychology useless?

Khaleeda Dhiya

so I'm planning to take Psychology in grade 10. Some of my friends says its useless? Is it true? For those who took Psychology, what are you learning, and do you find it useful?

I just saw something about useless majors and, of course, Psychology was on the list. What do you guys think (esp. Psych majors)? 

Lara Pole

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Celia dobson


Lizzie Lance

The study of psychology is a fascinating journey! You learn about life, yourself, and you learn to learn.

Steve Collins

its very useful in understanding human behaviors

Marwan Alam

Great! Thanks for sharing the information. That is very helpful for increasing my knowledge in this field

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Chanti juriya

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kierjmm dfebber

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na zumi

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