Every student tends to struggle in a class one way or the other.


how to revise for english science and french in one day

lucy cat

i am in year 7

lucy cat

William Gomez

What are the best ways to revise for maths?


Just keep on solving problems upon problems to make yourself problem to be solved in maths . I think that's the best way to overcome maths

Thalhatou Yahya

val boy
By Rakiya Mashaka

Im a GCSE student in yr 10.


Practice papers always works. Note reading and taking is the least effective way of revision for maths


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emanuel maruio

1: Understand the Question


1. Spend some time to planning the essay. Before you start writing, take no more than 10 minutes to create an outline for your essay.
2. Study the essay question.
3. Brainstorm your thesis statement.
4. Create an outline.
5. Write the essay.
6. Use a hook in your introduction.
7. Write your three body paragraphs.
8. Summarize your thoughts in your conclusion.
9. Proofread your essay.
10. Create a title for the essay.


joes winn


Lizzie Lance

How do you study for exams/topics effectively?
Can you include:
. . .


I have always found studying in the late afternoon-early evening most beneficial.
Making flashcards for individual topics and keywords etc is my favourite method purely because it allows you to then test yourself afterwards.
Studying in blocks of 20-30mins is most effective and then taking a break to move around or get some water to get your brain working to its full potential.
Hope this helps.

Katie Taylor

i study mainly throughout the night because there are the least chances to be disturbed and i also take 5 min breaks

crown trophy

early morning is also effective because there is no disturbance

mital patel

sasa nena
By Ignatio Roca

Have you ever had trouble writing your book reports for school?


Writing a book report can be a lot of fun. It gives you a chance to read a new book and then tell your teacher and friends what you thought about it.

Donald murphy

i always have problems in writing reports specially in those topics which i hate the most.

prabha munda

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edward boyd

okay so i'm taking Maths, Chemistry, Physics and ICT at AS level, and I intend on becoming a software engineer and I really badly want to go to Imperial College!! I feel alevels are unbelievably hard as they are soooooooooooooo different from GCSES and I feel im being pressurised to do well from everyone! Parents, teachers and some friends. in a way I know its good to have pressure, but my parents think its so easy and the teachers make it out to be so easy when in actual fact, its not! I almost broke down in tears the other day because I just couldn't cope with how hard everything is, and how I put soooo much effort into everything and yet I still come out with C's and D's. I just don't think I should even believe in myself anymore because if uni's have such high entry requirements, and im here getting C's and D's, how can I get into a good university and pursue the career I want to and do the things I want to. I think im losing faith in myself too, and parents are always comparing me to other students like "shes got so many A's and he has soooo many awards for different things" and it just makes me feel like im not good enough for them!!! :(


first of all you need to calm down and take each topic slowly spend more time after college working on each subject and believe in yourself :) you'll get there eventually and you still have enough time. Just take things slowly i'm doing maths, chemistry , biology and English lang this year for AS :). Hopefully you'll be fine & don't worry so much we have like 6 months take your time. try to do 1hr of each subject after collage.


Wot should i do?




Depends how you mean. If you mean by with other people in the class, try moving next to people like you or people you like. Be thyself. If they don't like for who you are, my friend, then theres not much point. i am not saying you shouldnt change a bit if thats necessary but dont change completely. thats not being yourself. Try to be helpful and friendly and smile and laugh but not weirdly othersie they will think you are a creep. Also, maybe try and find whats deterring them from you in the first place?!

If work, then move next to someone motivating or someone you feel neutrally about. Also, moving forward or near a window does wonders for your concentration. Ask questions from time to time and be honest. have fun!!


obviously you need to try harder


That's true. Try harder. Myabe look for help. There's always someone willing to help others with their problems.

Ignatio Roca

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