Anybody know any German shows/songs?


It was suggested to me to watch German shows to improve my German understanding and grammar skills, does anybody know any shows on television in the UK or any youtube channels/series that I could watch? And if so, could they be for, say 7+, as much as I like my ABCs, I don't really want to feel THAT much like a child. Also, listening to German songs was also suggested, anybody know of any good artists? Thanks

Type in Super RTL into google, you can watch programs you might already know (like Phineas and pherb) just dubbed in German. Other channels are Pro Sieben and RTL. You could also listen to radio, I recommend FFH and HR3 they play a nice range. Hope I could help, viel spass :)

yasmin wafai

There are some good german shows like pro7 or sat1.
On Pro7 you can watch How I met your mother,The Big Bang Theory and many other american shows in german !:)

Habiba M

Deutschland 93

hope Teal