By Adam Ismail

I was late for the exam, I was still on the bus and had to ring my dad to pick me and drop me directly to school...
I was like 10-15mins late! So I rang school but then I forgot my seat number so I checked on the sheet outside. Luckily I found it straight away.
So I got on with my exam as if nothing happened and I remained calm.
Everyone finished and I managed to finish around the same time.
So I sat there with my paper closed ready to be collected and I glanced at the top my desk saying I had extra time! So I rushed ahead and checked my answers etc... I wasted that time with my paper shut!
Then the invigilator told everyone to stop writing.
I was stilll writing and he was going to collect mine first but I didn't let go!
I carried on and he was literally shouting "STOP WRITING!"
Then he snatched it but I was so glad I finished it.
Everyone was laughing in the exam hall and it was super embarrassing!

By janifar soloman

Homework is something most of the students think an unnecessary burden. However, it is not so. Homework is a positive activity as it inculcates a sense of responsibility in the students. It builds confidence in them. They seem to enjoy learning when they accomplish the task of completing homework. But if the homework is too difficult to solve, students seem to lose interest and feel dejected. However, homework help portals can come to rescue of such students. It is a new trend in education.


how is it a new trend????




By doing homework we get a better understanding of what we are learning.

Megss19 Hurry

I was in year 10 when this happened. I'm in year 11 now anywayyys let me get to the point. through out the whole of year 10 the Urdu teacher told me that I would do foundation reading and higher listening. so through out the whole of year 10 until the exam I did past papers that suit my tier. and I was totally confident...ok not totally confident but just confident....I went into the exam hall and got ready to do the listening exam and the teacher said to me ''Heera your doing foundation listening'' I was soooo confused I told her that I was supposed to do higher listening but I was glad because foundation was easy and I was already going to do foundation reading so I was chilled out. when it came to the reading exam I got ready and the teacher was handing the papers out and I got given a higher reading paper and oh my word I started pancaking I told the teacher straight away. and she said she believes that I can do it and she encouraged me. but I doubted myself and I was on the verge of crying I thought that I was going to fail. It was soooo bad I never imagined that would happen but it did it was soooo crazy. and soooo scary and nerve racking.


what did u get?

Hannah Kenny

it was Sunday night and the next day which was Monday I had my chemistry resit exam. so on Sunday I was cramming in all of my revision making sure that I had covered all the topics. I went bed really late around 12:00 I was so tired and could hardly get to sleep because I was dreading Monday morning because of the exam I had such bad nerves. when I woke up on Monday morning I felt like doing sick. I went over my revision book in the car on the way to school. when I got I into school I was on full wacky panic mode. after registration me and my class headed down to the hall for the exam. by then I was recapping everything in my head and I forgot something I asked my friend but she said I don't know I felt like punching her because I could tell by her face that she knew. when I reached the hall everyone including the teacher were stood in a crowd I had no idea about what was going on and then all of a sudden the teacher said that there has been a confusion and instead of the exam being in the morning it was to be held in the afternoon. I felt like I could breath. all day until 1:00pm I revised like mad and bugged the teacher to help me. phew I'm not joking but my life was saved. confusion in the exam times ws crazy not to mention annoying.

By Faiza Ahmed

Last year, I went into the hall to do my FSMQ. I felt so nervous, even though maths is usually my favourite subject. The exam was 2 hours long. I sat there, looking at the questions, confused. I was unable to answer a single question for one whole hour. I was frozen. I closed my eyes and said a prayer in my mind, and suddenly, I felt a surge of energy, I tried to calm myself down and answer as many questions as I could in the time left. I didn't finish, but I did manage to earn the highest grade for the FSMQ, an A. That was the hardest and scariest exam I have ever sat, but still the best.


I'm glad you got the highest grade. god listened to your prayer

Heera Majid

this is inspiring

bakin tins
By Charlotte Black

You probably know what I am on about, and yes probably once we have all done It and then revised for the next exam. Well that isn't me. you see I am so gull able so believe everything my friends say ( once there actually was gull able written on the ceiling. I did not revise for all my exams in year 8 and year 7. Just because I believed what my friends said. but now when I think back on it and yes I was pretty stupid. so here to a new set of exams so lets use revision time up wisely and not by playing games


**Gullible is a single word

Tom Wright

Well I was in year 10 and we had an English Language exam which was 2 hours 15 minutes long. I was getting really panicky and distressed about my timings on each question. So anyway after about an hour, my one and only pen decides it's going to run out of ink when I needed it most. And me being a naturally shy person wasn't going to ask for a new one because it was at the front of the exam and it's is ridiculous how shy I am! So I just sat there for the rest of the exam trying to get my pen to work as I still had plenty to write. After the exam I went straight to my English teacher to tell him what had happened and he just laughed at me. So after about a month we got back our results...
In the coursework overall I got an A which was then combined with my exam results. I honestly didn't think I would get such a bad grade but I got a U!! All because I didn't ask for a new pen. Luckily it was only a mock exam but I still envy those who can ask for new pens. So next time my English teacher has suggested that I take a pack of pens from WH Smiths into the exam.


This has happened to me too lol <3

Courtney Charnock
By osna seyed

inon eof y maths exams i had revised perfectly an knew exactly what to do but do you some times write the wrong thing.well i had worked all the questions but magicaly in some of the question i wrote different to my working oot so i was going to get probably A or mabe obove but no i got a B. Hope you all learn from my mistake and make sure you sleep well.


yep sleep is soooo important before an exam!!! you don't realise the importance of sleep before an exam until you have sat the exam

Heera Majid
By vanessa hilts

so I was sitting in the exam hall and was halfway through my biology paper and i was answering my 6 mark question and my hand writing is huge! so i ran out of room oh dear so i put my hand up to get more paper but the invigilators just look at each other like all four of them looking at the stack of paper it was like a mexican stand off because none of them wanted to go and give me a piece so i was running out time and carried on with the two markers after ive done like 4 of them one finally came over with only one peice i still had two 6 markers left great thanks guys...


they always do that...........


That just peeves me off. The invigilators just - gah. I hope you didn't miss out those 6 markers.

Pft, invigilators these days.

Ayesha Kousar

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