Food and diet

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Food and diet

le vin = wine
un régime équilibré = a balanced diet
l'alcool = alcohol
un additif = additive
un gastronome = a gourmet
un repas = a meal
un en-cas = a snack
un viticulteur = wine grower

la nourriture = food
la matière grasse = fat content
la consommation = consumption
la cuisine traditionnelle = traditional cooking
la cuisine saine = healthy cooking
la culture biologique = organic farming
la santé = health
la forme = fitness
l'anorexie = anorexia
la boulimie = bulimie

les fast-foodeurs = those who eat fast food
les boissons (f) (non-) alcoolisées = (non-) alcoholic drinks

manger = to eat
boire = to drink
être au régime = to be on a diet
perdre du poids = to lose weight
maigrir = to get thinner / lose weight
devenir populaire = to become popular

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