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Usually you will have to prepare a topic dealing with an aspect of French culture and/ or society. Your teacher will help you choose a suitable topic.

You will need to research this, e.g. read articles, a book, listen to the radio, watch a video or look on the internet. You need factual information and then you need to form opinions so you can discuss your topic. You will probably be allowed to take a prompt card with you with headings in French on it to remind you of your key points.

Here you will choose an issue. Check with your teacher the suitability if your choice and whether it has been related to French culture or whether it can be wider than that.

You will have prepare to discuss your topic and then move on to wider issues.

You must choose something you are interested in and understand as you will be marked on the grasp you have of the issue and the wider context.

Grammar and vocabularly are important. Practice your structures and widen your vocabulary as much as possible.

You may decide to go for this option instead. Lots of practice is necessary for this.