Earth's Structure

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Earth's Structure

Before starting work on this topic it is vital that you know the structure of the earth, as it underpins a majority of the work related to natural hazards. The diagram below summarises the most important points:

Place the cursor over the various sections of the earth to see what they are called:

Earth's Structure


  • Thin, outer-layer of the earth.
  • It is as thin as the skin of an apple is to its flesh.


  • Composed mainly of silicate rocks, which contain a lot of magnesium and iron.
  • It extends to a depth of 2900km.
  • Temperatures can reach 5000 degrees Celsius, which generate convection currents.


  • Contains iron and nickel.
  • Situated approximately 6371km below the surface.
  • Temperature is around 5500 degrees Celsius.