S-Cool Revision Summary

S-Cool Revision Summary

There are three mains sections to this topic...

1. Where are the tourism growth regions?

The biggest tourist destinations are more developed countries. France and the USA the largest two. These have huge populations either within their countries or in bordering countries. They also have established reputations and services.

Significantly the developing world is experiencing the greatest growth as long haul flights mean people can explore further a field and Governments - See tourism as an essential source of foreign currency.

2. Why has there been such a growth?

  • More holidays - paid holidays increased

  • A smaller world - faster travel time increase tourism

  • Development - Governments promote tourism as it can benefit their economy

  • Elderly - Health care and pensions has meant that people are living longer

  • Society - Holidays are a normal part of Western society

  • Income - People are earning more than ever before and prices are relatively cheaper

  • Communication - ICT makes booking holidays easier and cheaper

3. What are the costs and benefits of tourism?


Developed world:

Developing world:


Positive - Listed buildings have been reclaimed on Bristol's harbour-side and sympathetically restored.

Negative - Snowdonia national park has serious problems with soil erosion due to tourist.

Positive - Operation campfire in Zimbabwe has helped manage the indigenous animals, reducing soil erosion and increasing land available for agriculture.

Negative - In Goa mass tourism has bought about pollution of the beaches.


Positive - Regeneration of Bristol's harbour-side provides jobs.

Negative - There are some doubts about how Bristol's new developments would survive a recession.

Positive - Operation Campfire has been very successful in earning foreign currency which it injects back into the local economy

Negative - Mass tourism in Goa has seen the closure of traditional farming and fishing industries.


Positive - Bristol's harbour-side provide a new and varied cultural environment.

Negative - Question marks about the number of bars involved in the development at Bristol and the related problems with alcohol.

Positive - Operation campfire has meant locals are once again earning their living from game.

Negative - Goans complain that tourism has bought with it an influx of drugs, prostitution and HIV.

4. How can tourism be used to regenerate a deprived region?

  • Provides jobs for a broad cross-section.

  • Stimulates other parts of the economy.

  • Improves derelict areas.

  • Provides facilities for locals and tourist alike.