The rise and fall of the Duke of Norfolk

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The rise and fall of the Duke of Norfolk

Thomas Howard, the Duke of Norfolk, was a member of the King's household, and council. He made a name for himself in helping to suppress the Pilgrimage of Grace, 1536.

He was the leader of the conservative faction, which was in ascendancy in the late 1530s and early 1540s. He led the group which helped to pioneer the downfall of Thomas Cromwell.

He had influence over the passing of the Six Articles.

His niece, Catherine Howard, he used to win more favour with the King. He probably knew that the ageing king would not be able to resist her following the disastrous Cleves match.

Catherine Howard

It is doubtful that Catherine would have relished being married to the fat ageing king. She soon took on lovers. This was an act of treason, and she was duly executed.

Norfolk was arrested and imprisoned in the Tower. His son, the Earl of Surrey, was executed, but he managed to escape with his life, probably owing to supporters in the Privy Council.

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