10 year old passes Maths in a month

10 year old passes Maths in a month

Imagine passing your Maths GCSE with ease inside a month? That's what happened to Mohammed Syed who, with the help of S-cool partner and Maths teacher Jeevan Singh passed with flying colours.

"I wasn't really interested in maths before but now I am," said Mohammed.

"The course is documented, step by step and Mohammed simply followed the course," said Jeevan, who took his GCSE Maths a year early.

Jeevan Singh studied maths for the best part of his life; from the age of 5 right up to degree level. Throughout his studies he has taken many maths exams and excelled in every one, achieving an A* in GCSE Maths and an A* at A-level as well.

See the full interview on London Live below:

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