Tuition fee will affect University choice say 64% students

Tuition fee will affect University choice say 64% students

UK leading commercial revision website ran 2 year study asking over 7,700 students “How will the increase in tuition fees affect you”? A whopping 64% of students claimed increased tuition fees will somewhat effect their decision making in regards to university. With 14% of students stating “I was going to go to university, I am now not” and 50% “I will go to university but fees will affect my choice of course”.

Ex-teacher and Education Director of S-cool Nick Glossop said “I believe the increase in tuition fees will affect many lower and middle class families across the country that simply cannot financially the fees which could be up to £40,000 after a three year course.”

University of West of England (UWE) student added “I’m lucky I applied for university before the tuition fees rose as I certainly wouldn’t have gone to uni with the fees rising to £9,000 per annum. As it is huge financial burden to have especially in the current economic climate with limited job opportunities for graduates”

Head of a sixth form college added “The tuition fees increase is devastating news for students across the country; it has a direct impact in the number of our student applying for university. I believe other options need to be highlighted to students affected by the tuition fees”

The poll revealed only 32% of students will still go to university with their choice remaining unaffected. It is conclusive from the results of this poll that the increase in tuition fees will act as a barrier for students up and down to country who were hoping to go to university.