5 Budgeting Apps

5 Budgeting Apps

Here is a list of the best Budgeting Apps to help you control your money. They are all reading apps which means the ones that bring in your transactions cannot be used for actually moving money anywhere.


moneyhubThis is a comprehensive financial app that can connect to over 130 accounts including banks, investments, mortgages, pensions and credit cards. Perhaps not all relevant to students but let’s dig further.

Once you add your accounts the transactions are scanned and automatically added to categories which you can adjust or change as you see fit. Spending analysis then gives you a breakdown of your money in a list format. A more iconic representation would have been better here and the Ontrees display does a better job.

Your total net worth is displayed when you first log in which may motivate you, or may not but the big picture of your finances will be prominent and a very cool barometer tells you if you spent more or less than the previous month.

In the test the app did crash on our iPhone 4 a lot which was annoying but this could well have been down to other issues.

Available on: iOS (Requires iOS 7.0 or later) and Andriod

Cost: £2.99 a month following free 7 day trial.




On treesOnTrees, a moneysupermarket company, securely connects your current accounts, credit cards and savings accounts. It focuses on where your money is being spent rather than financial goals (like saving for a holiday) although you can set budgets for each category.

Your transactions are organised into colourful categories and your spending habits are assigned to categories like shopping, bars/cafes and so on so you can easily see where your money is going.

Available on iOS ( Requires iOS 8.0 or later.) and desktop (Android and Windows apps coming soon)

Cost: Free




Wally money appThis simple app looks good on the phone and is very easy to use. Add income, set and adjust saving targets and review your finances on a regular basis. You can scan and save receipts and smart notifications will remind you of upcoming bills or when you reach a goal.

The more you use Wally the more it can offer insights into your financial behaviour, adapt to your preferences and learn from you, which should all help you improve your budgeting. Note: You can change to base currency to GBP sterling.

Available on: iOS (Requires iOS 6.0 or later) and Andriod

Cost: Free



Money dashboard

Money dashboardMoney dashboard is a nice, simple app that displays all your financial numbers via a variety of cool graph charts helping you manage your finances. Add any UK bank and keep track of all your current, credit cards and savings accounts.

Input your account details and the app will automatically categorise your transactions, which as with Ontrees, Moneyhub you can adjust and edit.

Endorsed by The Times, Daily Mail, BBC and The Independent this app has been receiving a lot of attention so could well be worth a looksee.

Available on: iOS (Requires iOS 8.0 or later ) and Andriod

Cost: Free



Goodbudget enables you to create digital envelopes for various categories and then assign your money to each one. You then take money from say the house bills envelope and then you know how much is left over.

The app helps you stick to your budget limits and can be accessed via iOS, Android or web.

Cost: Free and Paid versions.


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