7 Tips for Back to school

7 Tips for Back to school

Is the summer over already? Yes it’s that time again: Back to School.

This time of year can be a mix of all kinds of stresses, anxieties as well as excitement or dread for many students. Here are S-cool’s 7 tips for going back to school.

1 Planning ahead

There will be loads of priorities and things to plan for when going back to school. Avoid being overwhelmed by being prepared and planning ahead. A personal planner or some kind of wall calendar will be a huge help when it comes to your schedule. Mark all upcoming exams, assignments and other commitments, school related or not, so you can prioritise your time. Don’t forget to leave yourself free time to relax!

2 Staying away from the daily dramas

Sometimes the daily melodramatic dramas of school can pull you in and distract you from what is really important – your work! If you are focused on ‘who fancies who’ at your school your classwork and homework will likely suffer, so stay on track and avoid the drama.

3 Friends and Social groups

Try to careful when it comes to choosing your friends. It’s not a great idea to hang around with someone who is a bad influence on you or who makes you feel uncomfortable. Try to be with people who you feel good with and have the same interests so you can go in a positive direction.

4 Catch up if you’re absent

If you are away from school due to illness or any other reason be sure to catch up on the work you have missed. Your teacher is the best person to give you all the information as they are the expert rather than second hand information from your friends.

5 Create a homework zone

Find a space in your home where you can focus on your homework without distractions where other family members will know to leave you alone. Gather all your supplies: pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, dictionary and anything else you use into a drawer, bin or cabinet nearby.

6 Nail it immediately

A big timewaster is having to re-learn something that you didn’t learn efficiently first time around. If there is something you don’t understand make it your mission to nail it by asking classmates, the teacher or re-reading the textbooks but ensure that you learn it. Piling new knowledge on top of something you don’t fully understand can slow you down and make you fall behind. Falling behind can be a stressful as well as a complete time waster.

7 Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is really important in order to be able to concentrate at school and take in information effectively. Prepare properly for the new school year by getting your sleep routine right and get to bed on time.

If you have sleep problems try to associate your bedroom with sleeping only. Avoid watching T.V and playing computer games in your bedroom if at all possible.