7 ways to spend your summer

7 ways to spend your summer

Summer is coming and there is a wealth of opportunities out there. Here’s a taster of the types of adventures you could try…

1. Summer camps

Thousands of students go to work at American summer camps for an experience of meeting other people and travelling to the U.S.A!

Here are the top companies:


2. Volunteering

There are endless benefits to doing volunteer work. It can help give your C.V a boost, give you world experience, meet amazing people, let alone all the rich experience you will gain, as well as the immense reward.


World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms aka WWOOOF

This is a popular way to get into farm based volunteering across the world. Each country has its own WWOOF websites

International website with all the websites listed:


A well-established listing of hosts that are looking for volunteers around the globe from talking English, working on farms to helping run hostels.

3. Work and Save £££

Rep Jobs: Being a Holiday Rep gets you out in the sun as well as boosting your C.V but requires great interpersonal skills, patience and the ability to deal with rude people.

Thomas Cook:




For other types of jobs check out these summer jobs search tools:

Summer Jobs: www.oneworld365.org/activity/summer-jobs

Campsite jobs: www.oneworld365.org/activity/campsite-jobs

4. InterRailing:

Popular for decades, InterRailing remains a popular choice for students who want to spread their wings.

You can either buy a pass for a single country or purchase a 'global pass' that covers all of the countries below.

Great Britain, Republic of Ireland, Austria, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, "Greece Plus" (incl. ferry Greece - Italy), Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania , Czech Republic, FYR Macedonia, Slovakia , Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey.

With a global ticket you can travel freely and jump off and on whenever you see a beautiful beach or a town.

Visit: www.interrail.eu

For budget travelling you can also try: www.goeuro.co.uk

5.   Au Pairing

If you want to work with children there are many job opportunities abroad where families need au pairs or nannies to look after their kids.

To check reputable companies visit the British Au Pairs Agencies Association to find placements.



TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Although doing a TEFL is probably not an option for a quick summer break you may consider it if you’re planning a gap year in the near future this could be worth looking into.
There are estimated to be 1 billion English learners; that means the demand for TEFL teachers is huge!

Top TEFL websites:


7. Just go on holiday!

Yep, just treat yourself and have a normal holiday. Here are some most popular destinations right now for students:

Vietnam is very popular with student travellers, a country with a very rich historical with Saigon, Hue and Hoi An.

Thailand is the classic destination with the South offering some of the most amazing beaches and North beautiful mountainous landscapes.

Crete is a mix of sandy beaches with clear blue water, small villages and friendly locals.

Tenerife still caters to the younger crowd with great beaches and activities.