Applying to university

Applying to university

Be wary of common mistakes when it comes to making your uni application. Here are some of the things that students often get wrong.

Trying to turn your personal statement into an epic novel. Killing your admissions tutor with boredom is not going to help your cause. Keep it concise and to the point. You have a limited word count.

If one of the big reasons for going to a certain uni is because your bestie or lover is going, think again. Whether it’s a friend or a lover it’s not a good idea to follow them to the same uni. Focus on the best course for you and your career and don’t be left wondering why you’re there if things go wrong.

Be sure to get someone who commands good English to proofread your personal statement. A statement littered with errors will NOT impress the admission tutors who have thousands to go through. A statement littered with mistakes will be the first in the bin.

Boasting like one of those Apprentice applicants. There are much better ways to sell yourself than coming across as one of those ego fuelled applicants from The Apprentice. At the same time don’t be too modest either. Be positive and write in an active voice.

Not providing enough information about your qualifications. Make sure this information is clear and don’t make the admissions tutor work hard to understand what you have.

Don’t skimp words on your statement. Make sure you use all or most of the 4k characters allowed. Even if you have the required grades for your course don’t think you can get away with a weak statement.

Good luck!

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