AQA Psychology Revision For A2 Psya3

AQA Psychology Revision For A2 Psya3

Revision for A2 Psychology and Psya3 and Psya4 is completely different compared to AS Psychology. Psya3 is all essay based with 3 essay questions and Psya4 is two thirds essay based with the final section being the dreaded research methods section again.

To make matters worse you have only 1hr 30 minutes, which is incredibly tight time wise to score up to 24 marks per question. For Psya3 you also have more choice this time round as you’re given 8 topics to choose from and you’re expected to pick 3 to answer in the exam. The 8 topics are:


2.Cognition and development,



5.Sleep & Bio Rhythms,

6.Intelligence and learning


8.Eating behaviour

The most popular topics to go for are Aggression, Relationships and Sleep and Biological rhythms as they have more easy to find information for them and are easier. Once you’ve picked your 3 topics you need to visit the spec again to understand how each topic breaks down and the possible essay questions that lay within these topics. Here’s an example taken for Aggression topic on how you break it down and identify the possible questions:


Aggression has 3 chapters, which are:

  • Social Psychological Approaches To Explaining Aggression
  • Biological Explanations Of Aggression
  • Evolution And Human Aggression

Within each of these 3 chapters you will notice bullet points – these bullet points can sometimes be broken down further with more possible questions within them – not always but sometimes. Take a look at the first one for example – It states: “Social Psychological theories of Aggression, for example, Social learning theory and Deindividuation. This shows us there are 2 theories we need to know here: Social learning theory and Deindividuation.

If you look at the next bullet point which is “Institutional Aggression” it’s obvious that’s just a single question on its own. You need to sit down and do this for all 3 chosen topics until you have a list of possible questions that can be asked. These questions are then your starting point to create model essay answers

Model what you say? Unlike Psya1 and Psya2 this is all essay based and simply going in without essays is setting you up to fail because it would be impossible for you to pull all the theory and studies together into an essay answer within the exam. Therefore the tactic here is to create model essays for your list of possible questions you have created, model essays that source enough theory and enough evaluation to score full marks or close for each question. You then practice these essays over and over until they stick and you can recall them from memory. You also need to ensure there are enough Issues, Debates and Approaches (IDA’s) in each of your essays, as you cannot reach the top scoring bands without these.

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