Be prepared for A-level Results Day

Be prepared for A-level Results Day

Long awaited A-level results for 2016 will be released on August 18th (August 9th if you're in Scotland). If you're intending to go to University you should be prepared for taking action.

Other Exam results dates:
SQA: 9th August
GCSE and iGCSE: Thurs 25th August

Even if you found doing your A-levels a breeze it would be wise to be ready for the Clearing process just in case just in case things don’t go to plan.

It would be a great idea to take these items:

-          Mobile (Fully charged!)

-          Calculator (if there isn't one on your phone)

-          Pen / Pencil

-          Notepad

-          AS Results

-          UCAS letter (with UCAS number and info)

-          Contact details for both firm and insurance offers

-          Personal statement copy

-          Reference copy

If you think you will have to go through clearing you might want to buy the Telegraph newspaper which publishes the list of Clearing places available. They also have places online at :

A level results


If you’ve met your Firm Offer

Congratulations! You can tell your family and friends. You don’t really need to call the Uni to confirm your offer unless you have been told to do so.

Your status on UCAS track may not be updated yet – this can sometimes take time but if you’re concerned – ring the University.

When UCAS track status is updated you will receive your AS12 letter, confirming your University place and course. Read this letter carefully and check the slip at the bottom.  There should be instructions on whether to need to fill it out and send back to the University.

If you missed your firm offer

Although this might be disappointing it is still feasible that your University will accept you. Check your UCAS Track status; this will tell you whether you’ve been accepted or not. If it shows your offer as conditional phone the Uni to check.

If you met your Insurance offer

You don’t need to do anything until your AS12 letter arrives. UCAS Track may take time to update your status but phone the University if it’s taking more than three or four days.

If you missed your Firm or Insurance offer, but your University has accepted you for another course.

You would see UCC on your UCAS track page – ‘Unconditional changed course’ as well as a new course code. You have 5 days to accept the course change. An AS12C letter from UCAS will explain your options.

If you decide not to accept, you will either go into Clearing or your Insurance offer (if accepted)

If you missed your Insurance offer

Check your status on UCAS Track to see whether you have been accepted with lower grades and ring to ask for their decision. If still not accepted you will start the Clearing process.

If your results were better than expected.

You are in the great position of being able to look around for a University that have higher requirements than your firm offer.You have 5 days to register for Adjustment through UCAS Track and find an alternative place.

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