Budgeting for university

Budgeting for university

Student budgetWhen that grant payment comes in don't be the guy or gal who ends up totally skint a few weeks into your course :p

As discussed in our accommodation section, this is going to be a large chunk of your outgoings so it’s important to choose wisely. Although the cost on a weekly basis doesn’t seem a great deal, the yearly contract figure could be £20k or more. Read more in our accommodation article.

Food / Bills
Often listing foods and planning your shopping is the best way to go rather than just throwing items into your basket. Also check out online grocery websites that are often cheaper as they do not have overheads. Approvedfood.com also provides discount food that has passed its sell by date (not to be confused with the ‘use by’ date!)

Study costs:
There are costs for course work, books, equipment, possible field trips and should be taken into account when you looking at your budget. Books can be expensive so get familiar with the library as soon as you can. Online discounted bookshops also offer second-hand books or you could share the cost with a fellow student.

Other costs:
Going out, travel, clothes and the rest.

Leave the debit/credit card at home. Don’t be tempted to blast through your money in moments of exuberance and just take out a certain amount of cash if you can. Make the most of the students’ union for eating, drinking and shopping as everything will be much cheaper.

Other costs such as your mobile phone is going to be worth getting a good deal on. Get advice from your union as there will be lots of deals available from phone providers.

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