Easter Warm Up Newsletter

Easter Warm Up Newsletter

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The Easter holidays always give students a chance to have a break from studies before the revision season fully kicks in but don’t lean too far back in your gaming chair, as exams are right around the corner. Here are some articles to help you get ready..

Making memory revision fun

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Around this time every year exams loom large on the horizon. Students up and down the country suddenly panic and realise time is very much against them.

The key to successful revision is the right approach and being organised. Ed Cooke, a British ‘memory champion’ at Memrise, suggests the following:

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Revision Memory Hacks

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A fundamental part of revision is using your memory. Research from Professor John Dunlovsky, Kent State University, published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest advocates a distributive practice, spreading out study over time, with a good dose of cramming before the exam.

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This newsletter was first published in 2015.