How to have a productive (and fun!) summer

How to have a productive (and fun!) summer

We are in the middle of summer and many of you are enjoying your time out of the classroom for a few fantastic months. We at Milkround have put together some advice on how to have not only a fun-filled summer - but a productive one too.

Work, work, work

It can be very enticing to just make the summer about being free and away from school, but don’t forget that any work experience you can get will help you immensely in the future. A part-time retail or call centre job may seem like it won’t have an impact on your future career but on the contrary - they actually help you build valuable skills like customer service, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. Just the fact that you were responsible enough to have a summer job show future employers that you are a responsible and ambitious candidate, no matter what the job itself was.

Also, the salary from a summer job is nothing to scoff at!

Do some volunteering

You have probably heard it 100 times by now but it truly is for good reason. Volunteering looks absolutely fantastic on your CV and shows that you care about others and are willing to sacrifice your free time for a good cause. Again, you will get the opportunity to build your skillset and get some great work experience even if you are not paid for your efforts.

Sharpen your skills

Extra-curricular activities are also of interest to employers and can show that you have a firm grasp on those ever-important soft skills that companies love to see in candidates. Say you play in a weekly five-a-side - this shows that you can work well within a team and are not afraid to work hard. Enjoy reading? You have great concentration and the discipline to put time towards something you enjoy doing.

Basically, cultivate your hobbies and interests and try to find different skills you are using while doing them.

Take it easy

It is the summer after all! Make sure that between all your working and volunteering and hobbies you are also taking some time to just relax and recharge your batteries. Once you start working full-time you won’t have the summer months off anymore and you might live to regret not making the most out of these precious summer breaks.

Spend time with your friends and family, take up some new hobbies, explore your local area - whatever thing you have wanted to do, now is the time. Your future you will be grateful for the experiences.

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