Inspiration in unlikely places

Inspiration in unlikely places

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When we go out to schools and colleges talking to young people about their future careers, quite often we hear the same problem, so many school leavers don’t know what they want to do in the future, and they don’t know who to ask for help.

The good news is, there can be career inspiration in the most unlikely places. It’s not only your careers advisor that you should be turning to with questions about potential careers, but any of your teachers, parents, siblings or pretty much any adult you feel comfortable chatting to.

They don’t have to work in the industry that you have an interest in, every person you meet has their own employment history, and you may discover that some of your teachers have had some pretty interesting jobs in the past.

In school, I had no interest in languages, and so paid little attention to my French teacher aside from her setting us tasks and giving us back our marked work. That was until one day she mentioned she had spent the first half of her career working in radio broadcasting, and had only moved to teaching after she had achieved all she wanted to in the media industry, and was ready for a career change. Suddenly, she was the most interesting person in the world, and I arranged a meeting with her to discuss her past career and tap into her knowledge about working in entertainment and broadcasting.

Although I didn’t pursue a career in radio, my French teacher enlightened me to the world of communications and had some fantastic recommendations for universities to study at and possible companies to contact for work experience.  She was one of the most influential teachers I had and she taught a subject I hated!

It’s not only your teacher’s employment backgrounds that you could tap into, it may be that they have never worked in an area that you are interested in, but one of their family or friends have, and they know a little bit about how they know a little about how they got into their role, and what makes them enjoy their job.

Everyone you know is essentially part of your network, and you just need to feel confident approaching anyone to discover if they can offer a different insight into the world of work than what you are being presented with from other careers resources. You could find some real inspiration where you never thought to look.