Mind mapping: National Revision Week

Mind mapping: National Revision Week

Revision WeekSupercharge your revision with National Revision Week! 

Each day S-cool will be releasing a brand new tuition video and exam tips from our expert exam-coach “Sam Kotadia” to boost your Revision.

Learn 5 simple ways you can dramatically improve your revisions skills and techniques!

Day 1: Mind mapping

Exam performance is often down to how much you can remember. If you have a good memory, it's more likely you will perform well.

This is a tip to help organise your revision notes and improve your memory.

When you work through a topic, map it out on a large piece of paper and connect the different sections of information. This is often called a “mind-map”. The mind map will allow you will see how all the information connects together. Your brain is much more likely to store it in your memory that way, because visual patterns are much easier to remember than just text.

Try to write the mind-map with a pen and paper. You can use software, but the action of writing and drawing your mind-map will help you remember the key points.

1. Write the subject you want to revise in the middle of a piece of plain paper.

2. Create branches or lines from this word and create new key words for each new fact, concept or idea.

3. Build on the map by adding words, phrases and pictures.

4. Use colour to highlight key areas – this helps stimulate your brain and remember information.

Mind-maps work well with Day 2's supercharged Revision tip >> "Using your super-brain."

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Your Revision Tips
Write notes on topics and put them on the wall, so you'll be able to look at it each day. Also, to revise in the evening (but not late at night) because the brain remembers stuff better in the evening than in the morning.
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