NeuroNation Brain Training Review

NeuroNation Brain Training Review

NeuroNationNeuroNation Review

When was the last time you relied on your phone to perform a simple calculation, such as the tip you should leave at a restaurant?

You probably used your navigation app to find your way to that restaurant, and you likely either set at appointment in your calendar, or checked your reminders for the day as you waited for your meal.

Smart phones are always there to take up the slack for us, and with each new software update, they seem to get smarter.

Wouldn’t it be the ultimate upgrade, though, if our phones could actually make us smarter?

As it turns out, there’s an app for that!

NeuroNation, a platform can be accessed online as well as through the mobile app, was launched in 2011 and is currently led by a team of neuropsychologists and IT professionals.

Hailed as one of the best iPhone apps of 2014, and one of Google’s best apps of 2015, NeuroNation is strengthening the brains of people all over the world with programs comprised of enjoyable, highly effective games.

The resulting heightened mental functioning often translates to improved job performance, and an increased efficiency in carrying out daily activities.

You’ve probably heard of brain training games, and you may have even played them before. These exercises have received an influx of popularity in recent years, as individuals have taken a greater interest in improving their cognitive skills and preventing mental decline.

What sets NeuroNation apart is its wide range of challenges and structured training programs intended to enhance users’ cognitive functioning in several distinct areas.

Organization is a key element in effective cognitive training, and in order to see improvement in any particular discipline, you’ll need to know which challenges will best target the corresponding area of your brain.

NeuroNation takes the guesswork out of selecting the right games by dividing their content into categories based on the areas of cognition they target. The ‘Language,’ category, for example, focuses on expanding your vocabulary, strengthening your memory, and improving your articulation.

‘Numeracy’ focuses on accelerating your mental calculations, while ‘Reasoning’ emphasizes recognition of patterns and correlation between objects.

Between the five categories, NeuroNation provides more than 60 games to choose from. The variety of challenges keeps users intrigued and motivated to come back for daily training sessions.

This is important because the neurons in our brains are like muscle fibers, in the sense that their abilities seem to deteriorate from lack of use.

From that perspective, brain training games can be considered a form of cognitive exercise. If we fail to perform activities that challenge our minds, we become more likely to experience diminished mental acuity.

The free membership affords you access to eight games on the web and six on the mobile app while premium level offers a wider range of exercises to keep you engaged and to allow for sustained cognitive improvement.

NeuroNation will create training plan unique to you consisting of a series of daily games, targeted to improve the areas of the brain you find most important.

Each activity you complete will work in conjunction with plans and courses to propel you toward the completion of the goals you’ve set for yourself. You can access the plan at any time through your account, where you’ll find a daily progress report, featuring your “brain score,” to show how far you’ve come with your training.

There’s a 30% DISCOUNT for S-cool students when you join premium today.

Why not try it? You’ll be amazed at how little time and effort it takes to keep your brain functioning at peak capacity.