NSPCC's Childline

NSPCC's Childline

If there is something on your mind, ChildLine is here for you. Watch the video below to see how we can help...



If you are worried about anything, it could be something big or something small - don't bottle it up. It can really help if you talk to someone.


We know it takes a lot of courage to contact us; you might be worried about what will happen, who will find out and what you would say? 

You are not alone. Our friendly counsellors understand the sorts of problems you might be worried about and are trained to help. They won’t judge you or put you down and they are not easily shocked. Instead, they will listen and help talk you through your options. Whatever you’d like to talk about is important to us.


In what ways can I contact ChildLine?

There are several different ways you can receive support through ChildLine, which you can read more about and see what other young people have said about them.


To have a 1-2-1 chat with a counsellor, to send an email to ChildLine or to post on the message boards, you will need to sign up to the ChildLine website


Whatever your worry, it’s better out than in....