S-cool Clearing Poll Results

S-cool Clearing Poll Results

Clearing Polls

S-cool recently asked their audience a series of snap polls focused on University Clearing.

The first multi-choice question was: Who do you think gives best clearing advice?

A majority of students (46%) chose Teachers, while 24% preferred Family, closely followed by friends (19%) while only 10% thought a Careers Advisor would give the best advice.


The next question was: Are you confident about getting the grades you need? 40% said No, 31% chose Maybe and 29% were confident.


The next question asked students about the possible options if their exam results were disappointing. 64% said they would re-take the exam, 15% would request a re-mark while 21% would just hope they could get a place through Clearing.

Clearing Poll

In terms of preparing for A level results day, 33% would do online research, 25% would make a to-do list while 42% would prepare by going on holiday!

This article was first published in 2014.