Studying at University in the United Kingdom

Studying at University in the United Kingdom

Why study in the UK?

UK UniversityThe UK has a long tradition of quality education and offers a lot to the International student and is the most popular destination after the U.S.  There is an increasing demand for English based courses and the UK has strived to take advantage offering world class degrees that are recognised around the globe.

China, India, Greece and Ireland are among the countries sending the most students to study in the UK numbering around 175,000 per year in total. Studying in the UK also opens you up to experiencing different cultures. As well as students from different parts of the UK such as Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland you’ll also meet fellow students from Asia, Africa, India, Europe and America. One in ten students studying in the UK are from overseas.

Although UK higher education fees have recently risen they still compare favourably with other top destinations such as the U.S.A. Tuition fees  for the majority of under-graduates is in the area of £6,000-£9,000k while the U.S can be around $25,000 or the equivalent of £15,000 at the time of writing. Although specialised courses may rise to £18,000.

Post-Graduate courses could be in the region of up to £10,000 because of the shorter, smaller classes. MBA’s may well be in the region of £10,000-£16,000 per year.

Customs and cultural differences

It can take time to adjust when moving to a new country but support is always available at your University. Here are just a few British customs worth knowing about.

Punctuality is important in the UK. Be sure not to be late for appointments and tutorials.

If you are running late contact the person you are meeting to let them know if possible

It's important to observe 'queue decorum' and join at the end of any queues at banks, supermarkets and other places rather than what is locally known as 'jumping the queue' ahead of others who are already in line.

Smoking is not allowed in public buildings, pubs, shops, restaurants or on public transport (taxis, buses, coaches, trains, planes). You should always ask before smoking in someone else’s house or car.

Religious practices
Britain is a multi-cultural and multi-faith society and you have the right to freely practice your religion but remember to also respect others to do the same.

Have you travelled to the UK to study? We’d love to hear about your experiences