Summer Travel Ideas for Students on a Budget

Summer Travel Ideas for Students on a Budget

Are you ready for Summer?

Want to take off this summer? There’s no better way to spendthose spare summer months than traveling to see new places and faces. But the reality of budgets for students can be a problem.

Here are some ideas on ways to get away on a tight budget.

Teach English abroad

There are numerous opportunities available for students to travel around the globe and teach English. The rewards include getting to know the culture of the country you’re travelling to and the people that live there.

Take a look at: LEOLingo, Camp America and the English Experience

Travel Grants

You can get paid to travel via travel grants as long as you can present a clear case on the personal and cultural value your trip will make.

SPRET offers funding to residents from areas of Yorkshire and Norfolk:

Gilbert Murray U.N study awards for students who have studied or are studying related subjects.

You can also look at:

Working Abroad Schemes


The workaway scheme connects volunteers with hosts located around the world that need a hand. Their database of families, individuals or organisations includes help needed with painting, planting, building, babysitting, hostel help, shopping to shearing and much more besides!

You pay a 22 Euros registration fee and get in touch with the help projects you are interested in. The standard exchange is 4-6 hours of work a day for food and board.

More info at:


For those interested in alternative ways of living and looking to meet interesting people the WWOOF International network connects you with hosts in organic farming.

There are opportunities to do farming work in many countries in return for food, accommodation and shelter.

You need to join the WWOOF network in the country you want to work in.

For working within the UK:

Other ideas for next year:

Unfortunately the following schemes and competitions have closed for this year, but they are worth saving in your bookmarks for next time!

Cultural exchanges and study schemes

Limited funding is available from Government departments for undergraduates to go on cultural exchanges such as Study China and Study India.


If you’re into creative writing, video or photography you’ll want to check out World Nomads where you can enter competitions to be sent on assignment abroad.

Also keep an eye on for competitions for writers, bloggers, film makers and photographers.