Top Teacher Award Winner

Top Teacher Award Winner

Top TeacherCongratulations to Mrs Eaton from Middleton Technology School in Manchester who has won the S-cool Top Teacher award for 2015/2016. Mrs Eaton was nominated by one of her students, Talia who has won a £25 Amazon voucher.

We received countless inspirational stories from students nominating their teachers. Here are just a few snippets.

Romario from Highgate Woods in London nominated his teacher, Ms Birnie.

Ms Birnie has been my best support since I joined the school nearly 2 yrs ago. For me as I came from a lower tier but great school, there was a tendency for other teachers to think badly of me and 3 suspensions followed one after the other. Ms Birnie stood by me, encouraged me to forget how unfair it was and to understand how important it was to keep it together when everything seemed like a mountain to climb.

If I don’t get into the 6th Form I want to say "Miss it’s been a pleasure having you in my life, you made all the difference when I thought I could take no more. Thank you.”

Conner from York high school in York nominated Mrs Alexander. He said:

Mrs Alexander is the best teacher I know, for her teaching skills and for whom she is as a person; she is a very strong willed person and doesn't give up easily with anything. She is very knowledgeable and tells us some great stories of things that have happened in her life and not too sound cheesy but I could sit there all day and listen to her.

She has been through a lot and I think she deserves this is why she deserves to be crowned the best teacher in the UK. She also knows many languages, and makes the effort when someone who doesn't understand English well she will speak their language to make them feel comfortable with speaking in front of our form. So for these reasons and many more which I don't have the characters to say, is why I think she should be crowned the best teacher in the UK.

From Farhan in Oaks Park High School, Essex who nominated Miss Sidhu.

‘Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud’ – Maya Angelou.

This would be the perfect quote to describe Miss Sidhu. As a young teenager I didn’t know what I wanted to be in the future and I had no aim. All it took was one person to make me realise what I wanted to do. She was a naturally devoted teacher and a selfless human being who shed a positive light upon me.

She was always happy. Her enthusiasm brings nothing but positivity and motivation to everyone around. I remember walking into my first class with Miss, my seat being placed right at the front of the classroom. As the days went by I would look forward to being in Biology. Not only did I enjoy the subject and learn loads, I enjoyed her teaching. I was finally progressing at something and enjoying it.

She alone motivated me to become a teacher and made me aspire to be like her and touch lives like no one else could. 500 words just aren’t enough to describe her. I started this with a quote, ‘Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud’. Miss Sidhu is that permanent rainbow, meaning that even if you’re having the darkest day ever she’ll be there to tell you it’s going to be okay or do something really goofy and illuminate your mood.