Use your Super Brain

Use your Super Brain

Revision WeekDay 2.

The brain is a bit like a super computer and in addition to what you are focusing on right now, there is also a lot of other information going into your brain.

Take advantage of this during your revision. Fill your living space with key revision notes: posters, diagrams, keywords so when your mind wanders you will see key information and this will sink in subconsciously. You will be revising without even knowing it!

The mind is divided into the conscious mind (about 12%) and the subconscious (about 88%). The conscious mind is our ‘doing’ mind, which we use to make decisions. Whilst our subconscious mind stores our memory, beliefs, personality, habits, etc. So the more you can feed the subconscious mind with your revision, the more you will take in and remember!

Examples of feeding your subconscious:

1. Write post-it notes and cover your wall and other places where you spend time

2. Play audio revision material in the background or while you sleep

3. Plan a Poster on a topic (just use an A4 sheet) with diagrams, keywords and colour coding. (See Day 1: mind-mapping)

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What is your best time to revise?











Your Revision Tips:
I revise using a STRAWBERRY kitchen timer (like the Pomodoro technique). This seems to allow me to revise more productively and i am about 100x more focused. Literally, before I used this I had next to no focus and I procrastinated and got distracted CONSTANTLY. But I find it a lot easier to do work and the time doesn't fly by with me not feeling like i have done enough. I set the timer for 30 minutes. Then have a 5 minute break. Then do another 30 minutes and then have a 20 minute break etc. I hope to increase my revision time between breaks gradually. I also have to write down anything I need to do, that I think of on a separate piece of paper so I don't start doing stuff like wishing someone happy birthday on Facebook or tidying my bedroom until one of my breaks.



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