What Our Students Say About the University of Bolton:

What Our Students Say About the University of Bolton:

James Chuwa – Computer Networks and Security:


Why did you choose the University of Bolton?

The University of Bolton is a reputable university which is widely recognised worldwide. The university also has well equipped computer labs which is essential for my course.

Which is your favourite part of the course?

Programming is my favourite part because you can create games, build programmes like web sites and create animations. Another great thing about my course is that they bring in guest speakers who are already in the field to share their thoughts and experiences with us which really gives us an insight into the careers that we could go into when we graduate.

What’s the best thing about studying at Bolton?

I get a lot of support and guidance from my tutors and all of the staff are very friendly. When I arrived at university I found it very easy to settle in and make friends. The University of Bolton is an international university with students coming from all over the world which is great and it’s the best place to make friends from all over the world.

Do you think the facilities at the University of Bolton are good?

The facilities at the University of Bolton are great, for example the library is open 24 hours but it’s also really easy to work from home as you can get access to the university network server.

Is it easy to commute to the university?

The university is easily accessible as there are a lot of buses coming from Manchester to the bus station which is just a two minute walk away, and the train station is five minutes away from campus.

What advice would you give to somebody looking at the University of Bolton?

Come visit and be the judge!