Why an apprenticeship?

Why an apprenticeship?

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When apprenticeships are mentioned, the expression “earn while you learn” crops up a lot. And with good reason as well - when you are an apprentice you get paid in order to become proficient at a job. Essentially companies are investing in people, moulding them to be the kind of worker they want to be a part of their business.

Apprenticeships are so much more than a way out of going to university or perhaps a last resort - they are genuinely helpful tools to get into the workplace while still receiving an education. They can last between 1-4 years which allows you to truly learn a vocation and become a valuable asset to companies. However it is also a big commitment as most apprenticeships focus on one job only. As such it is important to ensure that this is a career path you can see yourself taking or, if you are not sure, go with an apprenticeship that takes you through different areas of the business and allows you more freedom.

There are many benefits to choosing an apprenticeship as your next step, and we have collected some for you.

Getting paid

Of course, one of the main benefits is that you actually get paid for your efforts. The businesses have to offer you minimum wage at the least and you could also get in-classroom education included. When you are an apprentice you are also entitled holiday pay.

No debts

When you are finally prepared to properly enter the industry in your chosen vocation you will be debt-free, whereas you leave university and instantly have to start paying back a sometimes huge loan when you enter the workplace.


As opposed to sitting in a classroom, getting dropped into a workplace will allow you to build useful personal relationships. If for some reason your place of apprenticeship does not end up being your permanent employer, you should have a number of contacts that will also have relevant contacts of their own. You are basically building a bit of a safety net which is always a useful thing to have.

Get ahead of the game

By entering the workplace early you are already garnering experience that graduates will not have when they do. Experience-wise you could end up as much as three years ahead which could be very helpful in your job search as experience carries significant weight in so many industries.

Earn qualifications

By choosing an apprenticeship you start working toward a qualification - and there are many different ones to choose from - which is an excellent way to give your CV more gravitas should you not end up permanently employed at your place of apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are steadily gaining ground as an excellent way of entering industries and should be taken advantage of. Have a look through our widespread selection and see if there is an opportunity that suits you.

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