I wanna get at least an A in Literature,so what shall I do?

Aaliya Kair

START REVISING LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made a booklet for Hamlet with feminist reading blah blah.. , what texts are u studying?

nub aaa

othello and great expectations

Aaliya Kair

Othello and Great Expectations

Aaliya Kair

Have you used the Revision notes on Othello on S-cool - http://s-cool.co.uk/a-level/english-literature/othello

Tabitha Farrant

yep,I got it..thnks

Aaliya Kair

basic structure to follow if your looking for a hand

Mr Dub

All you need to do is to get tuitions from an experienced teacher, as it will help clearing your doubts and make you confident in speaking English.
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Tina M.