hello my name is Amantle Duta in Botswana .... and um asking for your help on Physics.


In boiling, most or all of the molecules in the liquid have enough energy to leave the liquid and become gas. The whole liquid will be near or at the boiling temperature.
In evaporation, the liquid will normally be much cooler than boiling temperature. However, because of the way that molecules pass energy from one to another (Brownian Motion), not all the molecules will have the SAME energy. In fact, some will have lots more than others. These very energetic molecules, if they are near to the edge of the liquid, may have enough energy to escape from the liquid and become gas. The process of molecules leaving will gradually mean that the liquid all evaporates away.
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Watts are a measure of joules per second. So you can tell how much energy is received in one second from each square metre of panel.
Then you can work out the total energy received per second
You can then work out how much is received in 2 hours

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