How To Learn Maths By Myself?

Rakiya Mashaka

Im a GCSE student in yr 10. And im struggling with Maths.The teacher is nice but I never get her lessons.In my school we learn different topics in a day , they let us workout the topics questions I want workout questions related to the topic but I struggle so I need like 10 minutes to figure out but as I workout the answer , the teacher already goes through the answer which leaves me without fully workout the answer and I have to copy the board which is pretty bad. I suffered this since September , now I decided to start learning maths by myself but is extremely difficult , I always have to get stuck on something and give up also , I have a mock exam that determines if im doing Foundation or Higher Exam next year which is in about 4 weeks and I have to learn everything that I learnt from September. I really want to do higher because I aim to be a doctor , Im good at science but maths literally wrecks my possibilities. What should I do? I am clueless I really like maths but school literally takes away the passion ! Any good websites that are good for me apart from Khan Academy? I thought of doing tuition but its starts in Yr 11